100T DEMAG_AC801

100 Ton DEMAG_AC801 All Terrain Crane

Specifications: 100- Tons Lifting Capacity All Terrain Crane. , 50.2m telescopic Boom, Lattice Jib 33 m, total:83.2 m.

Features: 4 hydraulically telescoping beams with hydraulic jack legs, Dailmer-Benz Engine, Allison automatic transmission, Hydropneumatic suspension, Dual-circuit semiblock mechanical steering with hydraulic booster, Boom base and 5 telescopic sections of fine-grain structural steel, Hydraulic pilot control through self-centering control levers, Electronic safe load indicator with digital read-out for hook load, rated load, boom length, boom angle, load radius, analog display to indicate the capacity utilization. Limit switches on hoist and lowering motions, pressure-relief and safety holding valves.